Mehmet Başkak
Mehmet Başkak

Subconscious Workshop

What is Subconsious Workshop ?
Subconscious Workshop, is an unique personal evaluation and reconstruction program.

This journey of personal evoluation and development, that was designed with the principles of subconscious psychology, provides the opportunity of fundamental transformation to ones, who would like to break free from chains, overcome obstacles and redesign themselves.

We take the journey of personal reconstruction with our participants step by step under the name of “Subconscious Workshop Program”.

Firstly be our guest
We organize acquaintance meetings prior to the program to introduce ourselves and listen to you.

Our doors and hearts are open to you. There is no judgment, discrimination and prejudice under this roof, there is only love and understanding on a deep level. We listen to you by accepting who you are.

Purify your mind, purify the world
We all have the capacity to change the things that we are willing to change, you all have the power to make a change in yourselves and develop yourselves. However, the basic requirement of a complete change is to change subconscious records. Change yourself and bring the change to the world.

Clear your mind, enlighten the world
While subconscious workshop provides a changeover by clearing your subconscious patterns with the help of extraordinary techniques, we stand shoulder to shoulder during your change and development process and we embrace the joyful life rising in your heart.

Know yourself, know the truth
Subconscious workshop is a journey of change and transformation, handled with extraordinary and specific techniques and implemented in accordance with highly effective subconscious mind tools.

Subconscious workshop provides both private sessions conducted one to one and group sessions, it gives you the chance to change and redesign yourself by changing your subconscious records in a very amusing, effective and instructive way.

Change yourself, change the world

We care about you.
We care coming together and meeting you.

While enjoying the refreshments in a cosy environment, we have informative small talks about subconsious, followed by a Q/A session.
To take part in the attendee list,  please fill the “ACQUAINTANCE MEETING – PARTICIPATION FORM”, by clicking the link below.

For more information, please feel free to call 0(212) 296 52 99.

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