Mehmet Başkak
Mehmet Başkak

Who is Mehmet Başkak ?

Mehmet Başkak continues his career at the doctoral level in Clinical Psychology.

He earned his master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.
He is competent in every approach to hypnosis at an international level and he is being one of the first who has gone to a lot of effort to disseminate actual hypnosis in Turkey.

Born and raised in Malatya. Graduated from Turkish Literature Department in 1992. Before graduation started working as a journalist and after the graduation, continued for four years. Published several articles and poetries. Later on, in addition to tutoring, educational counselling and management, he improved himself with additional formations in the areas of “Industrial Psychology”, “Behavioural Alteration and Development” and “Communication”.

He provides guidance in many specialized areas including “Occupational Therapy for Executives/Employees”, “ Effective Human Relations”, “Effective Presentation Techniques”, “Art of Eloquence”, “ The Psychology of Persuasion”, “ Leadership and Management”, “Behavioural Alteration and Development in Adults”, “Psychology of the Subconscious”, “Scientific Hypnosis” and conducted application-oriented studies, training, conferences and seminars. Başkak has a particularly broad experience in adults to navigate their complex worlds in order to live a healthier, happier lives and show to way to overcome their problems and obstacles in life.

Başkak who has the competence in the field of psychology of the unconscious at an international level, provided training for hundreds of adults from different professions, especially for mental health professionals such as physicians and psychologists. Thus, he brought many experts, consultants, therapists into service.

Mehmet Başkak is not a medical doctor, he is a subconscious expert and professional trainer at an international level providing guidance to people in order to live happier and to improve quality of lives.

His book "Jump in Deep Hypnosis"  was published in 2009 and accepted as an unique study in many aspects. He has been leading our country to disseminate outstanding issues such as "Psychology of the Subconscious" and "Strategies for Changing the Subconscious" and has been introducing them to individuals and organizations.

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